Sophisticated professional MC is a key to the success of the event.​



We committed to provide total communication services not only just a professional bilingual MC but also with their ability of proper announcing skills, hospitality, flexibility that we believe these human resources are someone you want to work with repeatedly.

Also, we encourage to understand cultural and custom differences and make your event more successful.









While tons of projects I have been undertaking, there were no position such as "Bilingual MC" when I first started in mid 1990's, and I am to be said and known as the leading expert of "Bilingual MC". However, there are still a lot of situation people don't recognize essential task as Bilingual MC.

There are more and more needs of Bilingual MC since Japan become more global in business, and life styles. Interpreter, Bilingual MC(or even Japanese MC & Other language MC), Bilingual communication support were - and still are - considered as a completely different job, so usually client prepares each staffs for these each positions.

But if you know there are talented human resources who can act as Bilingual MC, Interpreter at the same time, in one person, that will leads to your business communication more smooth and successful after all.

That is the reason I have launched this website to match B to B opportunities reasonably and efficiently.

And I am willing to educate, share my experiences as much staffs who wants to be Bilingual MC as possible to produce more talented human resources at your needs.

I hope this website will be functioned as a bridge between demands and suppliers which will turn out business development more successful to each other.

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