Noriko Kawashima ● 川嶋のり子

身 長: 153cm (Height)

趣 味: 旅行・美味美酒探訪・スポーツ観戦・茶道

LIKES: Traveling/Japanese Sake and NZ wines/Watching sports games/Tea Ceremony

特 技: 落ち着いて行動し、周りの方をサポートすること。Able to take flexible approaches to pressing matters and support others

出身地: 埼玉県


Noriko has a career as an Announcer at Tokai Television in Nagoya. She also experienced various kinds of ceremonies as MC. After going to the U.S. for a scholarship of international outreach program at University of Washington, she did an internship at the Seattle Mariners. The experience as a fixer of Discovery Channel TV program in Japan is also one of her bilingual careers. She lived in New Zealand for about 8 years and now based in Tokyo.