Tina Kimura

木村ティナ倫子 ● TINA KIMURA

身 長: 157cm

趣 味: お風呂で海外ドラマ鑑賞、手芸

特 技: 動画・アルバム編集、犬のマッサージ

出身地: 日本生まれ、アメリカ、イギリス、香港育ち

Born in Japan, raised in the United States, UK, and Hong Kong


Many years of experience not only as MC, but also as news anchor, narrator, interpreter and translator has taught me to adapt to almost any kind of situation. I will adjust the tone of voice and way of speaking depending on what is most required for each event. I also try to make eye-contact with the guests as much as possible and always speak from my heart.