Mamiko Matsumoto

Mamiko Matsumoto ● 松本 真美子

身 長:162cm

趣 味:舞台鑑賞・お笑い鑑賞・恋愛コーチング

Likes; Watching musicals and comedy live shows, Doing LOVE coaching

特 技:モノマネ(歌手、アニメキャラクターなど)

出身地:静岡県浜松市 Born in Shizuoka


Acted as an MC of more than 1000 occasions for 11 years, including ceremonies, wedding receptions, corporate events, medical conventions, conferences, symposiums, summits, concerts and any other events. I have much experience such as doing an MC of the events that attended by prestigious VIPs. In addition, I occasionally work for TV broadcasting companies or wedding places as an interpreter and also work as a translator as well.