Ryoko Glass

Ryoko Glass

出身地:  東京都

趣 味 :  家庭菜園、犬の散歩、映画鑑賞、住宅の間取り図検証

特 技:  ​難しい文章、難しい表現を分かりやすくまとめることができる。方言。聴力。

身 長: 155cm



訳書に『レムリア、アトランティス、アヴァロンへの旅』『マーメイド・マジック』『魔女の手引書』(アールズ出版)、『IZ-Facing Future(ごきげん出版)』『Tales of Molokai』など。

Ryoko has been contributing her skills as Bilingual Communicator nearly 2 decades. Not only her role as Bilingual MC, Interpreter, Translation, but she is also a planner and organizer to connect business between Japan and Hawaii. She is said to be a trail brazer for Bilingual MC in Japan so she shares her expertise and experience as a Bilingual MC trainer. Deep and high experiences, flexibility to communicate with people at any level, trustworthy and honest, open mind personality acquires lots of credibility from clients. She can create the relaxing and gentle ambience as MC at any kind of event, conference in order to bring successful result and make everyone in the venue at ease.